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A Cat love - how to understand the basic needs of a cat

Cat me up is the place where needs of your cat harmonize with yours. On the equal rights. Because happy cat means happy owner. And vice versa. It doesn’t matter if we mean inquisitive, adventurous tiger or true couch lion we know first hand how cat love looks like.. In order to build healthy, friendly relationship with your cat, first of all, you need to know cat's needs well, without forgetting yours own. We provide good design which goes hand in hand with your cat’s needs. So… what are the basic needs of a cat?

A Cat needs sleep

How much does cat sleep? It might be surprising for you but cat sleeps 12-18 hours a day. Sleep and balanced diet has the crucial meaning for your kitten development. The position and place where your cat sleeps depends on surroundings temperature, sense of security and individual cat habits. Your cat enjoys sleeping on the radiator? CAT me up provides cozy nad comfortable cat bed, that can be hung on radiators. Simple design and minimalistic form is easy to fit in to interior. Your cat likes to sleep on high surfaces? Ours multifunctional beds and hammocks for cats are very easy to hang. Your cat sleeps in different places and often changes positions? Our cat beds are characterized by simple design and functionality. You can change their location at any time, and they are also easy to assemble and disassemble.

A Cat needs climbing and scratching

Making comfortable and stimulating living space for cats might be very challenging. High furniture and wall scratchers from Cat Me UP will create a place where cat will be able to play and develop, and at the same time  will allow you to keep the aesthetics of your apartment. We value individuality and creativity that's why our products have the option of personalization. For example, choosing a wall scratcher allows you to individually select its colors to match the decor of your apartment. And that's not all. Simple, geometric form of our accessories allows you to create an interesting and unique composition for decorating the apartment. The designs we chose for our store were created with the thought about how modern animal lovers wants to live today. Minimalistic, luxuriously, industrially - simply designer.

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